The Orient 2nd Generation Bambino Classic Automatic Black Dial FAC00004B0 Men's Watch This Orient Men's Watch has a black leather strap, and the dial is black with index markers at each end for easy reading. This watch has a timeless design, and with it comes a certain level of reliability and craftsmanship. The aesthetic appeal of this watch is what differentiates it from other timepieces of the same quality, despite the fact that the components employed in its construction are of an exceptionally high standard. Any man who wants to seem fashionable but is prepared to make some aspects of it his own should consider purchasing this watch because it is an excellent example of a classic choice. The Orient Bambino Series Automatic Self-Winding Movement is housed in a casing made of stainless steel. The buckle clasps are of high quality and secure in the holding properties that they possess, in addition to being functionally sound. Free Shipping in the USA. Use coupon code BCD10 and get 10% off on this Orient Watch.

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